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评论翻译Kamala Sekarliving in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu (working as an accountant). 40 years old, receiving only Rs.30k per month salary (no other benefits). My family members are 7 – “yes” (2 Children, 3 Olders, me and wife – my earning only for my family running for the last 4 years)Spending for Necessary things – Milk 3k, Rice and other Groceries 5k, Fruits & Vegetables 2k, Snacks & others foods 2k – Total Rs.12,000- per month.Medical – average for those 7 members (routine medical expenses) – Rs.3,000 Per month.Travel to Office and my expenses / visiting to nearby places / visiting relatives homes – Rs.5,000 per month.Medical Insurance for 4 members (not for olders) per year Rs.12,000 (Note – it is very benefit and safety one) – Rs.1,000 per monthLIC Insurance Premium only – Rs.2,000 per month.School Fees for my Girl Child – Rs.2,500 per month我住在泰米尔纳德邦的蒂鲁普尔(我是一名会计)。我40岁,月薪只有3万卢比(没有其他福利)。我的家庭成员有7个人,“是的”(2个孩子,3个老人,还有我和我的妻子,过去4年里,我的收入只用于我的家庭的各种支出)必需品的支出——牛奶3000卢比,大米和其他食品5000卢比,水果和蔬菜2000卢比,零食和其他食品2000卢比——每月总计12000卢比。医疗——这7名成员的平均医疗费用(日常医疗费用)——每月3000卢比。我的个人开销/去附近的地方出差/拜访亲戚——每月5000卢比。4名成员(不包括老人)的医疗保险每年12,000卢比(注意,这是非常有利和安全的)——每月1,000卢比人寿保险费每月2000卢比。我女儿的学费——每月2500卢比So, take an average saving amount of Rs.3000 per month x 12 = Rs.36,000 per year- from this only i am spending / managing for other expenses – like Clothings, Outings, Buying Home Necessary Electronic Items & maintenances and Ornaments.I have invest my moms savings of Rs.3,00,000 in a Land 10 years before and sold the same before 3 years and buy a Small Land and constructed a building from the sale benefit. Own house so here is No Rent. Earning is small (for 7members) but managing the salary by Thrift. Here is good. But also some eager for me and my family to live a Luxury Life – but my life is going this way only.所以,平均每个月能攒下3000卢比x12=每年36000卢比——我只从这里面支付其他开支——像买衣服,外出,购买和维修家里必要的电子产品和装饰品。我10年前用我妈妈的30万卢比的积蓄投资了一块土地,3年前我卖掉了这块地,然后用这笔钱买了一小块建筑用地,建了一栋楼。因为有自己的房子,所以不需要支付租金。我挣得不多(对7个人来说),所以要勤俭持家。我也渴望我和我的家人能过上奢侈的生活——但我的生活只能这样。Ankita Mahesh ShindeI'm 24 year girl not only girl …I'm a married woman also ,full-time house wife as well as student also…. I'm not a salaried person…But after marriage my husband give me a 5000 rupees as a poket money and that all money I spent in mutual fund as SIP .I didn't spent a single rupee on me. I just think that saving money now will help me in future for any financial problems. Money saved today will grow tomorrow.Why I answered this question because I assume that pocket money as a salary …..我是一个24岁的女孩,不只是一个女孩,我也是一个已婚妇女,全职家庭主妇,同时也是一个学生….我不是工薪族……婚后,我丈夫每月给我5000卢比作为零花钱,我把所有的钱都投资在了共同基金上。我没在自己身上花一分钱。我只是认为现在存钱对我将来遇到经济问题会有帮助。今天存的钱明天会增值。为什么我回答这个问题,因为我认为我的零花钱也可以作为一种工资…..Raj MalhotraI live in Mumbai and my age is 38. I make exactly Rs.43,000/- every month.I send Rs.5000/- every month to my younger brother for his expenses as he is studying. He is in the final year.I stay as a paying guest where I pay rent of Rs.6000/- month. It includes food for two times and stays.Rs.75/- every day for traveling expenses which makes Rs.1875/-(Rs.75*25).Rs.50/- every day for lunch during working days and Rs.110/- on non-working days(Zomato/swiggy very costly nowadays) which makes Rs.1690/-(Rs.50*25+Rs.110*5).I have monthly expenses of Rs.2000/- on different aspects like tea, coffee.I know I make very little compared to my fellow mates in Mumbai. But my life had very dramatic changes and I am happy with this shift. However, looking for growing up as age is crossing and family is looking for me to take their responsibilities also.我住在孟买,今年38岁。我每个月正好赚43000卢比。我每个月寄5000卢比给我弟弟,作为他的学费,他是最后一个学年。我是一名租客,每月需要支付6000卢比的租金。包括两餐和住宿费。每天75卢比的差旅费,也就是1875卢比(75*25卢比)。工作日的午餐是50卢比,非工作日是110卢比(现在Zomato/swiggy外卖非常贵),这些一共是1690卢比(50*25+ 110*5)。我每个月的额外花费是2000卢比,用于不同的方面,比如茶和咖啡。我知道与孟买的同事相比,我挣得很少。但我的生活发生了巨大的变化,我很高兴这种转变。然而,随着年龄的增长,其他家庭成员也在让我负担他们的生活。原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.cn 转载请注明出处AnonymousI am working in Dubai on a salary of 6500 AED, which roughly translates to 1,30,000 Indian Rupees a Month.The biggest portion of my wastage is my monthly rent, which is 2000 AED (40000 Rs) for a small room near my office, which saves transportation cost. I could live in shared accommodation and spend less on the room, but being an introvert, I hate sharing my personal space with one or two other guys.I am 26, and I avoid dating because dating here costs a lot of money and I am not rich yet.我在迪拜工作,月薪是6500AED,大约相当于13万印度卢比。我最大的花销是我每月的租金,我在我的办公室附近租了一个小房子,租金是每月2000AED(40000卢比),但这节省了交通费用。我本可以和别人合住,在租金上花更少的钱,但是作为一个内向的人,我不喜欢和一两个男人分享我的私人空间。我26岁,但我避免约会,因为在这里约会很费钱,而且我还不够富有。原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.cn 转载请注明出处I try to cook most of the times, but sometimes I order outside. My monthly food and beverages cost around 600 AED.Again, I try to live very strictly. I haven't bought a new pair of shoes in almost a year. But just for the sake of it, lets say I spend around 200 AED on Entertainment or shopping every month.So my monthly expenses are 2000 + 600 + 200 = 2800 AED.And I save around 3700 AED, which is roughly 74000 Rupees.In India, I used to make 35000 A month. And now I am saving double of it, but it is coming at the cost of me not having a life outside of my work.大部分时间我都自己做饭,但有时我会在外面点餐。我每个月的食物和饮料大约花费600AED。再说一次,我的生活很节俭。我已经快一年没买双新鞋了。为了方便起见,我们假设我每个月在娱乐或购物上花费大约200AED。所以我每个月的开销是2000+600+200=2800AED。我每个月能剩下大约3700AED,也就是大约74000卢比。我以前在印度,一个月能剩下35000卢比。现在我能剩下两倍的钱,但代价是我失去了工作之外的生活。I plan to continue to do so for the next one year, so that I have sufficient bank balance to start a small business of my own.Coming from a poor family background, I had to start from the scratch, and seeing my Indian bank balance rise every month makes me satisfied and it feels like the sacrifices I am making today are for sure going to yield a better tomorrow.Hopefully, when I turn 27. I can gift myself a small business so that my children and their children don't have to sacrifice as much as I or my parents did.我计划在接下来的一年里继续这样做,这样我就有足够的存款来创业。我来自一个贫穷的家庭,我不得不从零开始,看到我的银行余额每个月都在增长,这让我感到满足,感觉我今天所做的牺牲一定会带来更好的明天。希望在我27岁的时候,我可以开一家自己的小买卖,这样我的孩子和他们的孩子就不必像我或我的父母那样做出太多牺牲。原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.cn 转载请注明出处Happy MittalI am 32 years old, working as an applied scientist in the India Machine Learning team at Amazon. Due to covid, I am working from home (in Gurgaon), and my work hours are mostly decided by my 1.5 years old daughter.We are a joint family of 5 members plus 2 kids. Unfortunately, my father passed away last year and now I and my younger brother take care of financial expenses. We have our own home hence no rent. Coming to how I spend my monthly salary, here is a typical descxtion of that. All figures are in INR.Household Expenses: 30k to my mom for household expenses (grocery, maid salary etc.). My younger brother and I contribute equally (30k each).Bills: 20k. Various bills like electricity biil, water bill, mobile recharges etc.OTTs: 2k. I have taken annual subscxtions of nearly all common OTTs like Netflix, Hotstar, SonyLiv etc.我今年32岁,是亚马逊印度机器学习团队的一名应用科学家。由于新冠肺炎,我在家工作(在古尔加翁),我的工作时间主要由我1.5岁的女儿决定。我们是一个五口之家,还有两个孩子。不幸的是,我的父亲去年去世了,现在我和我的弟弟负责经济开支。我们有自己的房子,不用付房租。说到我如何花我的工资,下面会有一个全面的描述。所有数据均以印度卢比计算。家庭开支:给我妈妈3万卢比用于家庭开支(食品杂货、女佣工资等)。我的弟弟和我每人支付3万。账单:2万卢比。各种账单,如电费、水费、手机充值费等。视频网站会员:2万卢比。我订阅了几乎所有常见的在线视频网站,比如Netflix、Hotstar、SonyLiv等。10k to my mom for her personal expenses/savings.20k to my wife for her personal expensesDine-out: 5k for eating out. We typically dine out twice a month.Fuel: 3k for petrol (thanks to WFH because of which it has come down significantly).Sport: 700. I have a group of friends and we book a ground to play cricket every sunday.Misc: 10k for misc expenses like medical, clothes, food order etc.Currently, I don't have to spend anything on school fees etc but once my daughter starts going to school, then that will be a significant addition to our expenditure.给我妈妈1万卢比,用于她的个人开支/储蓄。给我妻子两万卢比,用于她的个人开销外出就餐:5千卢比。我们一般一个月出去吃两次饭。燃料:汽油3千卢比(感谢远程工作,因为汽油花费已经显著下降)。运动:700卢比。我有一群朋友,我们每个星期天都会订一个场地来打板球。杂项:10万卢比,用于医疗、衣服、订餐等杂项费用。目前,我不需要在学费等方面花钱,但一旦我的女儿开始上学,那将是我们开支的一个重大增加。

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